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A Comment I Probably Shouldn't Have Posted on Facebook, but Did Anyway

I have to assume, [name redacted], that your confidence in your own interpretation of the scriptures is rooted in your ability to translate directly from Aramaic, from Hebrew, and from Koiné Greek, as well as your research on the histories of and discrepancies among the various translations of the gospels.

As I understand it, though, the biblical Christ (as opposed to the historical Jesus, which is another matter entirely) never indulged in the kind of hectoring, bullying, emotional violence exhibited by so many of his supposed "followers." If there is a day of reckoning, [name redacted], I suspect you will be judged first and foremost for your own desire to judge as if you possessed unique access to an infallible moral compass. It is not your place or your right to shame and belittle and pass judgment on those around you. The Christ you claim to revere admonished his followers to turn the other cheek, but I've never seen you do anything other than raise your (virtual) hand in anger. I fear for those whose emotional health is susceptible to your contempt, your venom, and your all-too-apparent mental illness, and I'm grateful beyond measure not to be among them.

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